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Chackra Yoga Retreat Sardinia


This retreat strengthens the loving connection to yourself through chakra yoga and reflection work.

In this retreat you get much more than “just” relaxation from your everyday life, sun & la dolce vita.
The yoga practice (asanas, meditation, breathing work) is supplemented by reflection questions on the respective topic.

Everything in flow, flow & write, you get to know yourself, the chakras, your fears and desires better and better. This combination of movement & writing is incredibly effective. 💫💫💫

➡️Look forward to traveling home again with more love for yourself, new impulses, ideas and plans!

Franziska Lehmann Coach Yogalehrerin Selbstliebe Liebeskummer Köln Sardinien.jpg

With Franziska Lehmann

I'm Franziska and I love creating and holding space for people.💗 I ran already more than 20 retreats in Germany, Austria and Sardinia, I am looking forward to offering people the space to arrive, heal and develop further.  Self-love was and is a theme that accompanies me in my life, and I am very grateful for my path and where I am now. I really enjoy my life and am happy that I can deal better and better with the lows that sometimes happen in everyone's life :) I love sharing my experiences, my learnings and my tools with my participants.

In this Retreat you Will get

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